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Misato Yusuke Sweet Scandal Walkthrough

This is new dating sim game for Android! >w<
Sweet Scandal
i'll give you Misato Yusuke walkthrough since he's my favorite character in Sweet Scandal


Yusuke's Walkthrough
Option that i bold get highest point
(Highest Point : 5 Middle Point : 3 Lowest Point 1)
(AP = Affection Point)

Special Thanks
Sapphire To
Golden Light

-Chapter 1-
Scenario 4
Ask for his signature
Resolve the misunderstanding
Scenario 6
I will only write the truth
Please believe me (3)
Well, what should I do..
Scenario 12
Shout to him
Watch quietly
Go closer
-Chapter 2-
Scenario ??
Wave over to him
Call out his name
Watch quietly
Scenario 9
When was your first time, Minato? (1)
I'm just pure at heart
Well you know..
Scenario 11☆  (Special Story)
Need 23 AP
Scenario 12
He's cool
He has a cute smile
Look forward to the special feature

-Chapter 3-
Scenario 2
I wanted to do it
I couldn't get past the reporters
You could have come to me
Scenario 6☆  (Special Graphic)
Need >=33 AP
Scenario 9
Say anything
I want to help (3)
I'll do what I can
Scenario 11
I'm only just getting started
I'm new
Don't laugh (3)

-Chapter 4-
Scenario 4
You were worried about me? (3)
Thanks for coming to meet me
You helped me there
Scenario 8
He's like a brother to me
I've always counted on him
We've known each other since childhood
Scenario 12
Do you want to come with us? (3)
Yuji invited me..
There is a great cocktail bar..

-Chapter 5-
Scenario 2
What did I do wrong?
Whose fault..?
Scenario 6☆  (Special Graphic)
Need 59 AP
Scenario 9
How are you doing?
Long time no see
You seem well
Scenario 12
Is there something else?
What are you thinking?
Shall we talk about something else?
Scenario 15☆  (Special Story)
Need 69 AP

-Chapter 6-
Scenario 2
Yes I do
I follow fashion
I'm learning
Scenario 8
Are you nervous?
There's a lot of good players here (3)
It's about to begin!
Scenario 8
It was a good match
There's always next time! (3)
He was a previous tournament winner

-Chapter 7-
Scenario 1
You read it?
Didn't you like it?
I thought it was a good article
Scenario 7
That's not what I mean
I'm worried about both of you
Why would you say such a thing?
Scenario 13☆  (Special Story)
Need 90 AP
Scenario 15
I wanted to support you
I'm not here for coverage
I came to see you

-Chapter 8-
Scenario 4
What is it?
Is it okay for you to be missing the interview?
Congratulations on winning
Scenario 6☆  (Special Graphic)
Need 100 AP
Scenario 8
You should go
You could just go show your face?
Your time to be told off came around, huh?
Scenario 13
Do you want me to?
You'll have to remind me..

-Chapter 9-
Scenario 4
You can rely on me anytime
You just tell me what you want me to do
Just today?
Scenario 7
Are you going to deny it?
Why did you stop me?
He's just jealous of you
Scenario 12☆  (Special Graphic)
Need 120 AP
Scenario 15
Why would you do that?
Don't apologize
Stare in silence
-Chapter 10-
Scenario 4
I wish I could have met him
You really did love him
You're really proud of your friend
Scenario 5☆  (Special Story)
Need 130 AP
Scenario 10
Tell him the truth
Look into it more
Don't say anything
Scenario 13
I have no idea
Keep calm and listen
I'll tell you everything

-Chapter 11-
Scenario 4
You're cute
I'm so happy
You've gone red
Scenario 8☆  (Special Graphic)
Need 146 AP
Scenario 9
That's awful..
Why would they do that?
I can't believe it.. (3)
Scenario 11
Are you okay?
I'll be right there
Is this true?

Happy Ending
>153 AP
Last updated 15 January
*i will keep updating this walkthrough

Extra CG
( all CG edited by asano azusa)



I also added Misato's CG ;)
what do you think?

Thank you for reading! ^o^

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Bri said...

Hello! Thank you for the walkthrough! But could you explain what happened in the first special storythat is special? (Chapter 2, 11). Thank you once again!