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Sho Kiriya - Celebrity Darling Walkthrough

I play his route because i heard his song.. I really love his song, so i decided play his route xD
He's really kind ^w^
I love kind boys~~ xD
Okay, let's start!

Celebrity Darling. Press Conference x3

Sho Kiriya - Celebrity Darling Walkthrough
Credit= GREE and voltage inc
special thanks= Kokoro cafe
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Beginning Rank: C   Final Rank: A

Scene 1
But I have an interview…
Get mad at the fan
Get: Text, CG, New Furniture Gacha - Southwestern Series (350 GP/spin)

His POV: Tartan Dress (300 Coins/7200 Salary)
Her POV: Girly Camisole Dress (300 Coins/7200 Salary) 

Choices for Her POV: 
I’m glad to see you

His POV: Mate Limit +1
Her POV:

Scene 2
Go after Sho
You recommended me for the show, right?
Get: Text, Natural Wood Spiral Staircase, Mate Limit +1

Scene 3
What about you guys?
Hold on to Sho
Get: Text

Mission: 1,000 Fans
Get: Mate Limit +1

Scene 4
That’s good…
"It’s not that I don’t like it…"
Get: Mate Limit +1

Scene 5
I just saw you on the show
It makes me jealous
Politely decline
Get: Text, Mate Limit +1

Scene 6
I can hardly believe it…
I’d appreciate the ride
Get: Nothing

His POV: Mysterious Stranger Set (500 Coins/18,000 Salary)
Her POV: Disguise Set (500 Coins/18,000 Salary) 

Choices for Her POV: 
Ride with Sho

His POV: Text, Mate Limit +1
Her POV: Text, Mate Limit +1

Scene 7
Called Sho
I’ll work hard to make sure I nail it next time *My Compatibility Changes to “B” here
Get: Mate Limit +1, New Furniture Gacha - Colorful Series (450 GP/spin)

Scene 8
Was it okay for you to bring me here? 
Look up
Get: Text, Mate Limit +1

Scene 9
Do you mind if I answer this?
Say nothing.Get: Nothing

Mission: 10,000 Fans
Get: Mate Limit +1

Scene 10
Hide the truth
I’ve missed you 
Get: Mate Limit +1

Scene 11
Hold nothing back
It’s a little embarrassing
Get: Text, Mate Limit +1

Scene 12
Speak up and try to change the subject
Ask Mr. Yamada *My Compatibility Changes to “A” here
Get: Nothing

His POV: Cheerful Japanese Outfit (750 Coins/27,000 Salary)
Her POV: Charming Japanese Outfit (750 Coins/27,000 Salary)

Choices for Her POV: 
Talk about Ponta
We didn’t! We really didn’t! 

His POV:
Her POV: Text, Mate Limit +1, New Furniture Gacha - Funny Series (600 GP/spin)

Scene 13
That’s right 
Get: Text, CG, Mate Limit +1

Scene 14
It’s not your fault, Sho 
I don’t mind
Get: Mate Limit +1

Prince Assad Arabian Night-The Lamp Of Destiny Walkthrough

Prince Assad Arabian Night
The Lamp Of Destiny Walkthrough 

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credit: Okko Arithmetic Jp

In this game, i had already play Ali Baba routes, his routes is really good! i cry at the ending..
And now, i played Prince Assad routes. I start liking him when i play Ali Baba routes. 
He's really arrogant at first, but he's really sweet >w<)/
*yeah... he's tsundere* LOL

So handsome (^‿^)~

Okay.. Let's read the walkthruuu~ \(◕‿◕✿)/

Prince Assad

CHAPTER 1: The Land of Desert

[2] "Maybe I am?" 

+5 affection points

[2] "Is there anything bothering you?"

+5 affection points

[1] "That's because I've been looking for you."
+5 affection points

CHAPTER 2: Prince of Darkness

[3] "I can't."
+5 affection points

[2] "I'm sorry for getting you involved in all of this."
+5 affection points

[2] I have no choice but to through with it.
+5 affection points

CHAPTER 3: The Truth Within The Hot Sand

[1] "Of course I will."
+5 affection points

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Cinderella Contract - Yuri & Elisei (Rossiyskaya) Walkthrough

I choose Rossiyskaya routes in The Cinderella Contract~!

So, I'll give you Rossiyskaya walkthough routes first ;)
This isn't complete yet.. But i'll update this ^o^)/



Reputation is just like affection points. You can earn reputation for both guys in your chosen route, from the choices you make in the story or using the items obtained from spinning the Suite Room Gacha.
We don't know how much points you get, the answers will usually be; 'Claude Reputation went up' or something like that. If it says that. Then that's a good thing. Also if you really want to know check your love meter.
Where is the love meter?
Follow these steps:
  1. On the right top corner, click 'Menu'.
  2. In the 3rd row, got to 'My Data' and click on it.
  3. All the way in the bottom you should see 2 meters. It will tell you everything that you need to know. Hope this makes sense.
Yuri and Elisei~!!

This game system is similar like Starstruck Love, but in this game.. You need to collect elegance and feminime to pass several test (similar like GREE system)

Chapter 1: 


(2.) I'm happy. (+3 Yuri)
(3.) I don't know. (+5 Yuri)


(1.) It's a minor inconvenience. (+5 Yuri)
(2.) Hate you? (0)
(3.) I like you. (+3 Yuri)


Elegance Trial- (+ Required Elegance)


(3.) I want you to show me where it is. (+5 Yuri)

Chapter 2


(1.) It's a charming country. (+5 Yelisei)
(2.) I'm surprised. (+3 Yelisei)


(1.) That's good to hear. (+5 Yuri)

2.6 Avatar Trial

Premium: Light Blue Gloves (300 Platinum)
Normal: Valletta of Red Ribbon (500 Feminine) 

Special Story (+ Reputation Points for Yuri) 

 Diary of the Heart Rossiyskaya (150 platinum)

(1.) I'm a captive. (+3 Yuri)
(2.) Where? (+5 Yuri)

Chapter 3

3.2 Diary of the Heart Rossiyskaya (150 platinum)


(1.) Do you not want to talk about it? (+5 Yuri)


(1.) I'm worried. (+ Yelisei)
(2.) I'm not scared. (+5 Yuri)


Special Story Requires (+ reputation for Yuri)


(2.) Too convenient. (+5 Yuri)

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Cinderella Contract Dating Sim game english version

Finally this game is released in English version! :D
Kyaahh~ I love this game concept! >w<)/
The complication from another dating sim game :D

~ The Cinderella Contract ~
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Look! The cover is really georgeous :D

Miyazaki Karin's invitation code: QXREpb
if you insert your name, add this invitation code and you'll get a gift! ^o^

Actually, there are one prince i want to play.. Asena.. but, there are no Asena routes T___T
huweee.. so, now i'm playing Rossiyskaya Routes >///< *actually i want to play Flanelia routes at first


The routes, which one did you choose? ;)

Here's the character ^o^)/

This game style is really pretty! :D Almost pink averywhere and had a princess style~ >w<)/
This game system is almost like gree +  Arithmetic become one! :D
You should try it and you'll fnd it! :D
The routes also fun! 

More info:

♦ Rossiyskaya ♦
The wicked, sadistic prince: Yuri
This prince has a devilish side lurking under his sweet smile.
He claims it was love at first sight!? Not that you mind a prince saying he loves you…
But you just met him; how can this be…!?
The innocent, nurturing prince: Yelisei
Yuri’s younger brother, the complete opposite in personality. Pure-hearted and always smiling.
You’re happy to gain a nice little brother, but his childish, overbearing antics are a bit much!?
His large stature doesn’t make you feel any safer, either…
♦ Flanelia ♦

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Download mp3 + Lyrics Wave「Secret summer」ダーリンは芸能人 Celebrity Darling

Wave「Secret summer」ダーリンは芸能人

credit belongs to gamekyo for japanese lyrics
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Mp3? Go to convert video to mp3

Wave「Secret summer」ダーリンは芸能人 Japanese Lyrics

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【一磨】見上げれば空 果てしない予感 照りつける太陽
【義人】ノーリミットなテンション 笑顔がみたくなる
【京介】君と過ごすから いつもより上がってく体温

【京介&義人】確かめ合う 時間を君が必要とするなら
夜を越えて 差し込む光の中 時を探そう

【全員】shine 焼け付くような日差しに焦がれてく
この思い今すぐ 君に伝えたい
shine 真夏の風が吹き抜ける場所へ
【翔&一磨】君と僕を乗せて二人だけの シークレットサマー

Download mp3 + Lyrics Wave「Eternal Sunshine」 ダーリンは芸能人 Celebrity Darling

Hoaaamm... i'm tired ><)"

Wave「Eternal Sunshine」 ダーリンは芸能人
credit belongs to for japanese lyrics
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Wave「Eternal Sunshine」 ダーリンは芸能人 Japanese lyrics
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日差しは まだ幼いまま僕らに微笑んでる
どんな言葉さえ かなわない横顔
夏色の恋は今から 始まってゆく

こんな出会い方するなんて 想わなかった
それは まるで 夏の嵐の様な偶然
2人で飛び出そう あの海へと

キラキラとまぶしい Sunshine
誰にも止められない アツい鼓動を今かざそう
僕らに降り注ぐ Sunshine
両手広げ 受け止めて
終わらない情熱を波にのせて flyaway

遥か遠く 水平線 夕日溶けて
このまま 僕ら流れてたどりつく
あのオレンジの向こうまで 変わらずに行こう

空にちりばめた 薄明かりの星のカケラ
きっとその時まで 照らし続けてくれるよ
僕の瞳に見えるもの 全て君にささげよう
今から始まる 二人の恋
キラキラと輝く StarLight
僕の願い この空に
君にしかあけられない たった一つのプレゼント
両手広げ 受け止めて
終わらない情熱を波にのせて flyaway

キラキラとまぶしい Sunshine
誰にも止められない アツい鼓動を今かざそう
僕らに降り注ぐ Sunshine
両手広げ 受け止めて

終わらない情熱を波にのせて flyaway

Wave「Eternal Sunshine」 ダーリンは芸能人 Romaji lyrics
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Namikaze ga yasashiku kimi no kami nabika se 

Download mp3 + Lyrics ダーリンは芸能人love duet 「love duet」 Celebrity Darling

I dunno who sang this song (wait.. is my sentence right?)

But i love this song! (・ω・ノ)ノ!

ダーリンは芸能人love duet 「love duet」 
credit for japanese lyrics
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Mp3? go to and convert the video into mp3

ダーリンは芸能人love duet 「love duet」Japanese lyrics
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願いは降り積もるだけ そう思っていた

叶わない夢 見えない 光を掴むためもがいた

分からない世界 一人 あなたはまぶしく輝いてた

magic never ends 教えてくれたの

変わっていく胸の想い 回り回り続ける

差し伸べてくれた手 掴むか迷っちゃうの

my boy 秘密の夢を隠したいけれど

片想いはもう嫌 私もう待てないシンデレラ

stop boy 願いは叶う そう信じさせて

I'm in love to your heart だけどね

I don't want to dream a dream tonight

ダーリンは芸能人love duet 「love duet」Romaji lyrics
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(dream a dream tonight 2x)

Negai wa furitsumoru dake sō omotte ita 

Download mp3 + Lyrics Wave「snowflake」ダーリンは芸能人 Celebrity Darling Dating Sim

The most part that i love s much is this ' Taema naku kagayaku koto son'na koto wa darenimo dekinai'
Okay.. no chit chat anymore...

Want the mp3? Go to and convert it to mp3..

special thanks to for japanese lyrics
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Wave「snowflake」ダーリンは芸能人 Japanese Lyrics
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夕暮れの街 照らす青 いつもより温かいね
澄んだ空気の中たたずむ 薄着の君が手を振るよ
今年も同じ時間を ふたり手をとり歩いたキセキ

Download mp3 + Lyrics Sho Kiriya solo (Wave) (作中出てきた翔のソロ曲)Celebrity Darling Dating Sim

Yahoo!!! :D
This is Sho Kiriya's Solo~!! This is amazing! His voice is really soft and the song is really good... And i can hear his cengkok(in Indonesian language, i dunno the right sentence for this word LOL)! So cute and softt!!

This song is talking about 'The smile I want to see you'~
And if you playing Celebrity Darling and choose Sho Kiriya routes, this song is for YOU a.k.a the MC! :3

If want to watch the MV, go here

And if you want to make this to be .mp3, please go to and convert it to mp3. It's easy ;)


special thanks to gamekyo
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桐谷翔Wave「君と星めぐり」ダーリンは芸能人 Japanese Lyrics

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作詞 yoshi fujita feat. 桐谷翔
作曲 明石昌夫 




会いたいよ その笑顔に

もしここに 君がいれば
果てしない星巡り 君と



出会えた 奇跡を噛みしめて
会いたいよ その笑顔に

果てしない星巡り 君と

会いたいよ その笑顔に

もしここに 君がいれば
果てしない星巡り 君と

桐谷翔Wave「君と星めぐり」ダーリンは芸能人 Romaji Lyrics

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※ Gurī no kashi o ki ni + mimi kopi 
Sakushi yoshi fujita fīto. 
Kiriya Shō Sakkyoku akashi masao (Sakuchū detekita Shō no soro-kyoku)

Hitogomi ni magirete 
Kimi no namae o tsubuyaku 
Kon'na sabishī yoru wa 
Kimi no koto ga afureru 

Miageru to yozora ni 
Tomoru hoshi no kyandoru 
Kon'na sutekina sekai o 
Wasurekakete ita yo 

Yowa-sa ni obiete ikite kita 
Kimi to dea~tsu tekara wa 
Subete ga kawatta 

Aitaiyo sono egao ni 
Nukumori mo kono mune de kanjitai 
Kimi mo kono sorawomiagete iru no ka na? 
Kono omoi todoku no ka na? 

Moshi koko ni kimi ga ireba 
Kowasu hodo ni kono ude de dakishimete 
Ima sugu ni kogi dasou ne
Hateshinai hoshi-meguri-kimi to 

Yorisotta kappuru 
Shizuka ni boku o oikoshi 
Hitori aruku hodōkyō 
Kaze ga senaka o oshita 

Kumoma kara nozoita 
Kireina hoshi no mabataki 

Marude kimi no Yasashi ge na
Egao no yō ni miete 

Deaeta kiseki o kami shimete 
Korekara zutto futari wa 
Hanarezu ni iru ne 

Aitaiyo sono egao ni 
Itoshikute setsunakute kurushī yo 
Boku ga yume miteru futari no miraide wa 
Kimi wa waratte iru ne 

Kimi no koto mukae ni yuku 
Ima sugu ni kono machi o nukedashite 
Osorezu ni tsuite oide 
Hateshinai hoshi-meguri-kimi to

Aitaiyo sono egao ni 
Nukumori mo kono mune de kanjitai 
Kimi mo kono sora wo miagete iru no ka na? 
Kono omoi todoku no ka na? 

Moshi koko ni kimi ga ireba 
Kowasu hodo ni kono ude de dakishimete 
Ima sugu ni kogi dasou ne 
Hateshinai hoshi-meguri-kimi to

Thank you for reading and as always..
repost? Credit please ^w^