Friday, 2 January 2015

Review + Karin chan's favorite guy in Otome Game - Forbidden Love Dating Sim

aye! Karin-chan is back again. One week free or you can call it Holliday period~ xD ahahahah. But start from 5th January Karin-chan will fight at exam session T3T wish me luck!
AASHAGSAHSGAHSGA *already fangirling*. this is fanart by karin-chan

okay~ This time karin-chan will review Forbidden Love(Kindan Love) dating sim by VERYGOOD.Inc or Accela.Inc

As long as karin-chan update until 3 january 2015, the routes available in Forbidden Love is:

1.Mike Jones (1st-8th story)
2Johannes Gilbert(1st-3rd story)
3. Tom Nicholson
4. Ryan McHenry
5. Robert Philip (1st and 2nd story) *OMG! OMG! ROBEEERTTTT!* ehm
6. Mathew Jones
7. William Taylor
8.Jack Taylor

This is not including event scenario .w.)v

They japanese name .w.

Hmm.. Let's see..
Let karin-chan introduce you first about this game. This is a regular otome games on android or ios. Because this game is free, so it's using daily ticket system. If you want to read more story but have no ticket, you must purchase the tickets with coin. Which you can get it free or buy coins with real money(huge amount of coins of course).
And same like the other otome games, we'll get an avatar. Your first avatar will be really plain so you can't (or at least me) hold yourself to change the appearance! ahaha..
The good thing with this otome game is they are focusing on one main character (Mike Jones). They always updating Mike's sequel after his sequel after his sequel. LOL. So, if you love the main character this is such a paradise!! ^O^)/
They are also updating the other character story(but slow!) like Johannes and Robert.
And of coursee~ Almost once in two month(or once in a month) they are holding an event and the event is really fun! You can get new look (but you need coins o course). I like event~ xD ahahahah
But the lack in this game is soooo small amount of CG's! T__T huweeeee... i don't know why they are so rarely making cg's.. Karin-chan and friend already spamming the server.. And.. tadaaahh~ YOU SEE!!!?? ROBERT!! KYAAAAHH!! *cough*

new app logo. OMG! He looks so HOT!

Now, after the intro. Let karin-chan introduce you, karin-chan's favorite boy in otome game!!!
Robert Philip

robert philip with megane and no megane. both looks so great!! :*

At first, karin-chan fallin love with Mike. But suddenly when The Event Collection is coming and karin-chan play Robert's Collection. Suddenly karin-chan fallin love with Robert!!! KYAAAH!
He looks really cool in doctor suit and the way he talk is so mature and charming! And so... after that Karin-chan playing Robert's story, 1 and 2.. so excited!!! >//w//< can't stop fangirling! Even karin-chan make fanart! ehehehhehehehheheh~ .w.
Let's check karin-chan's gallery ^o^)/ ahahahahah enjoy!

doctor suit, casual wear and uniform. OMG!

See you at karn-chan's next post! Thanks for reading!

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