Saturday, 29 March 2014

Kanetani Leon Pure Love Koyonplate game (dating sim) walkthrough

Leon is so attractive! >//<
You should try his good luck charm!!! That's really real! I think!
sorry for spoiler XD ihihi
Well.. credits belongs to Otome+Manga
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PureLove: Kanetani Leon Walkthrough

These choices lead to the Happy Ending!~
1st Decision: 
  • Say a cruel expression
  • Purness is cool!
  • Break up the word (sorry this isn’t word for word the actual choice, but it’s the general gist) 
2nd Decision:
  • Pick Leon
  • Pick Hiro
  • Nah I can’t
3rd Decision:
  • Try to trust him
  • But…
  • Confirm first
4th Decision:
  • Force an answer on them
  • Keep quiet
  • Answer Pureboys back
Here’s a little sneak peak of the memories w/him~
Or you should try this

Wait, but...
A cruel expression
Pair up with Leon
Try to trust him
Force an answer on them

Happy Ending 100%

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