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Seiji Goto My Sweet Bodyguard (Dating Sim) Walkthrough

Start from today, my School Exam is finished. But National Exam is coming soon ><
Please help me, by praying and hoping my exam will be success and i pass with a good grade ^_^

My phone is broken two weeks ago. So, i must RESTART all of my dating sim games. I was so saadd!! T_T
But.. But..
Okay, because of that accident. Firstly, i restart My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE and i choose Seiji Goto as my bodyguard. I'm so sorry, my beloved Fujisaki Mizuki. It's not i like i do some affair with you.. :')

Seiji Goto ^_^

My beloved Mizuki

Seiji Goto is cool and HOT! ^_^

Seiji Goto Walkthrough
credit belongs to: Kokoro Cafe

Don't make this pose! I'll attack you, you know??!!

This face.. should i kiss him?? >//<

My Beginning Rank: C   Final Rank: S

Chapter 1
Somebody who seems strong
Sleep *My Compatibility Changes to “B” here
Get: Letter, New BG Gacha - A Sudden Moving

Chapter 2
Get: Nothing

Mission: 1,000 trust
Get: Letter, Date invitation, Mate Limit +4

Chapter 3
Stir-fried vegetable meal
The restrooms
Get: Nothing

Sweet Route: Japanese Item Set (5,000 ender/250 coins)
Normal Route: Japanese Updo Hairstyle (2,400 ender)

Sweet Route: Letter, CG, Japanese Kitty Pair, New BG Gacha - A Short Holiday


Chapter 4
It’s usually fun

I can’t sleep
Get: Letter, Date invitation

Chapter 5
Because I just shoved everything in
He eats too much

Mission: 10,000 trust 
Get: Letter, Mate Limit +5

Chapter 6
I’m acting like your girlfriend
Tell him to order dessert *My Compatibility Changes to “A” here
Get: Letter, New BG Gacha - Put On Makeup And Go Out ♪

Chapter 7 
Some cloth
Get: Letter

Sweet Route: His Home Tutor Set (11,000 ender/450 coin)
Normal Route: Girly Roomwear (2,500 ender/100 coin)

Sweet Route: Letter, CG, Study Table
Normal Route: Letter


Chapter 8
Don’t go to university
Her job
Get: Letter, Date Invitation

Chapter 9
I definitely want to marry for love
WaitGet: Nothing

Mission: 30,000 trust
Get: Letter, Mate Limit +5

Chapter 10
It’d be harder for you to do your job.
HungryGet: Letter

Sweet Route: Festival Costume Set (18,000 ender/600Coins)
Normal Route: Festival Happi Coat (9,000 ender/300Coins)

Sweet Route: Letter, Octopus Balloon
Normal Route: Letter


Chapter 11
I just got the words wrong
Don’t enter
Get: Letter

Chapter 12
I should meet with him
Get: Letter

Sweet Route: Visiting Outfit (25,500 ender/850 Coins) 
Normal Route: Red Dotted Dress & Floral Basket (9,000 ender/300 Coins)

Sweet Route: Letter, Apple bench
Normal Route: Letter


Chapter 13 *My Compatibility Changes to “S” here
No thanks
Talk about your experience on stage
Get: Nothing

Mission: 50,000 trust
Get: Letter, Date Invitation, Mate Limit +6 , New BG Gacha - A Room With Fireplace

Chapter 14
Go up the stairs
The garden
Get: Letter

Chapter 15No Selection

Secret Happy EndingMission: Trust 80,000
Dodge the question 
Get: Letter, CG

Epilogue 1
A burglar
A kid
Get: Letter

Sweet Route: Summer Date Outfit (36,000 ender/1000 Coins) 
Normal Route: Sweet Casual Outfit (14,400 ender/400 Coins)

Get: Nothing


Epilogue 2
Ask Goto
Tell him
Get: Letter

Epilogue 3
Climb on
Go in after
Get: Letter, Tama cat, New BG Gacha (Secret Series) - A Life Of Romance

bonus.. hihi :D which one? Subaru or Goto?

Thanks for reading ^_^

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