Thursday, 2 January 2014

Be My Princess - Prince Wilfred E. Spencer Walkthrough

Yahoo -O-)/
#miya_miya alias Karin-chan is here!
Be My Princess - Ah! Pangeranku paling depan :'D

Aku suka game yang satu ini -w-)/
berasa jadi tuan putri bangeeettt ><
Sebetulnya, aku belum memilih Pangeran yang mana. tapi, aku udah memutuskan! Aku akan memilih Pangeran Wilfred XD
>heboh sendiri :'(
Oh GOD! nosebleed

Oke, walaupun karin-chan belum main >^<
Nih, karin-chan kasih Walkthrough nya Prince Wilfred.. 
Special thanks to Otome Nights ;)

Chapter 1:
* Call out to Prince Wilfred.
* Wills.

Chapter 2:
* Yes, I like it a lot.
* Stay in Prince Wilfred’s office.

Chapter 3:
* Do you not like carrots?
* Return to my bedroom.

Chapter 4:
* Is there anything I can do?
* Take a peek at the living room.

Chapter 5:
* I would love to.
* Keep quiet.

Chapter 6:
* I want to stay like this a little longer…
* Ask about Stephen.

Chapter 7:
* Is it all right for me to go?
* Call out to Prince Wilfred.

Chapter 8:
* Accept Prince Wilfred’s hand.
* The flowers don’t seem as vibrant today.

Chapter 9:
* Yes, very well.
* Refuse.

Chapter 10:
* I’d like some tea, please.
* Sorry, I don’t know…

Chapter 11:
* The flowers look well…
* Say nothing.

Chapter 12:
* Ask Stephen about himself.
* Do you hate me that much?

Chapter 13:
* Follow Miss Cecille.
* Are you truly okay with this?

Chapter 14:
* Go.
* Nod.

Thanks for reading ^0^
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