Thursday, 30 January 2014

Forbidden Love Dating Sim - Robert Main Story Walkthrough

this time, i will give you Robert Philip Walkthrough main story~!
I start fallin' with Robert when i played Forbidden Campus Event (the event still remain until February 05 2014)

In this event, Robert is a school doctor~! He's really sweet and gentle. I  love him!

Special thanks to: Azusa-san

Robert's Main Story 1 Walkthrough
(Every answer below will increase your love meter by 50)

-Story 1-

Episode 1
You are great
Episode 2
I finished working
Episode 3
I want to help you
Episode 4
Can't I please help?
*Secret Story : 150 LP
Episode 5
It's nothing
Episode 6
Leave him
Episode 7
What are you saying
Episode 8
Thank you
Episode 9
Can I trust you? 
Episode 10
Episode 11
Thank you
Episode 12
Touch his cheek
Episode 13
Episode 14
No way
*Secret Story : 550 LP
Episode 15
I'll wait until you want to talk
Episode 16
Can I see you again?
Episode 17
I'm going shopping
Episode 18
Help me
Episode 19
Please leave
*Secret Story : 550 LP
Episode 20
I want to see your face
Episode 21
Hold his hand
Episode 22
Episode 23
 Make him upset 
Episode 24
We should merge NTB

Thank you for reading ^0^)/

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