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Mizuki Fujisaki My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE Walkthrough

Hi there ^^

This time, Karin-chan will present Mizuki Fujizaki from My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE.. I reccomend you this game! So cute and lovely. The graphics is really good. And the avatar is so cute! The character is also cool! All of them!
I'm really confused when Mr.Katsuragi ask me to choose only one bodyguard. I want choose 2 or 3.. >^< I want Sora, Subaru and Mizuki.. I'm so confused. But finally, i choose Mizuki and i have NO regrets choosing him! 

Mizuki Fujisaki
This is Sora. He's cute!
Do you know who is she? I mean.. He? :D wkwk

He's so kind and sweet. Also strong. And.. He's an ex-popstar! #oops sorry for spoiler hehe

Ooops >___<)a
Too much talking!
Well, This is the walkthrough -w-)/
Special thanks to:Kokoro Cafe

Mizuki Fujisaki Walkthrough 

Your Beginning Rank: C  
Final Rank: S

Chapter 1

Sorry for saying something so odd

Stay quiet

Get: New BG Gacha - What Sort Of Room Would Mizuki Like?

Sweet Route: Undercover Style Set (5,000 ender/250 coins)

Normal Route: Soft Fishbone Braid Hairdo (2,400 ender)

Sweet Route: Letter, Mushroom Table
Normal Route:

Chapter 2

Give a vague smile


Mission: 1,000 trust

Get: Date invitation, Letter, Mate Limit +4

Chapter 3

Agree to go

Another time, maybe

Get: Letter, New BG Gacha - A Romantic Interior!

Chapter 4

You are pretty lively yourself

Stay silent

Get: Letter, CG

Chapter 5 

Answer vaguely

I’m grateful

Sweet Route: Accessory Item Set (11,000 ender/450 coin)
Normal Route: Peplum Skirt & Dotted Bustier (2,500 ender/100 coin)

Sweet Route: Letter, Dolphin Art, Mate Limit +5
Normal Route:

Chapter 6

Ask if it will be okay

I would feel bad putting one in my fridge

Get: Letter, New BG Gacha - A Fairy Tale Garden

Chapter 7

Hear them out

That isn’t what I was asking

Mission: 10,000 trust
Get: Letter, Date Invitation

Chapter 8

I can’t go out

Enter the conversation

Get: Letter, CG

Chapter 9

Thank you


Sweet Route: Present for Him Set (18,000 ender/600Coins)
Normal Route: Mint Green Knitted Beret (9,000 ender/300Coins)

Sweet Route: Letter, Princess Mirror, Mate Limit +5
Normal Route:

Chapter 10


You should answer it

Mission: 30,000 trust
Get: Letter, Date Invitation

Chapter 11

It might improve my mood a little

The air is so clean here

Sweet Route: Avatar Set Containing Ninja Outfit & Female Outfit (25,500 ender/850 Coins
Normal Route: Kuniucgu Ninja Outfit (9,000 ender/300 Coins)

Sweet Route: Letter, Edo Umbrella
Normal Route:

Chapter 12

Try to come up with an answer

If it had been the bad guy

Chapter 13

Is that door open?


Mission: 50,000 trust
Get: Letter, Date Invitation, Mate Limit +6, New BG Gacha - Our Sweet Time Together 

Chapter 14

Ask to be untied

Try to buy some time

Secret Happy Ending

Mission: 80,000 trust

Get: Letter

Chapter 15

No Selections

Epilogue 1

No Selections

Epilogue 2

No Selections

Sweet Route: His & Hers Outing Outfit (36,000 ender/1000 Coins
Normal Route: Autumn Oufit & Fur Beret (14,400 ender/400 Coins)

Get: Nothing

Epilogue 3

No Selections
Get: Letter, White Grand Piano, New BG Gacha (Secret Series) - Sweet Days Together

Okay.. Thanks for reading. I hope this really helpfull. Enjoy your game!!! ^o^)/

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