Friday, 10 January 2014

Forbidden Love Dating Sim - Mike 6th Story Walkthrough

Finally, the 6th Mike Story is released at 7th January 2014.. :D
And you knoww?? :D
I've already got the Walkthrough! XD
credit belongs to= Otome Games

Let's enjoy the story! ^o^)/

LOVE = Current Love Meter
Points = Increases to the Love Meter
CP = Capsule Points (Minigame)
Chapter 1
“…Thank you.” (50 points)
Chapter 2
…I understand. (50 points)
Secret Story

Required: 60+ LOVE
Chapter 3
“…That makes me happy.” (50 points)
Chapter 4
“Let’s wait for things to settle down.” (50 points)
Chapter 5
Even though you’re worn out… (50 points)
Secret Story
Required: 180+ LOVE
Chapter 6
As long as that one thing is safe, it’s okay. (50 points)
Chapter 7
(…I shouldn’t ask.) (50 points)
Secret Story
Required: 250+ LOVE
Chapter 8
I’ll take care of myself from here on out. (50 points)
Chapter 9
“…My bracelet?” (50 points)
Chapter 10
“…Thank you very much.” (30 points)
Chapter 11
(I don’t want to give up…!) (50 points)
Chapter 12
“I do believe in you.” (50 points)
Chapter 13
“Thank you for protecting me.” (30 points)
Chapter 14
“I wonder what happened?” (50 points)
Secret Story
Required: 550+ LOVE
Chapter 15
“Thank you for making me happy.” (50 points)
Chapter 16
“…” (50 points)
Chapter 17
“Take me with you.” (10 points)
Chapter 18
“What do you think about human life?” (50 points)
Chapter 19
You’ve already enjoyed this enough! (10 points)
Chapter 20
“…There has to be something.” (50 points)
All Ending Stories: 1100+ LOVE
Happy End: 650+ LOVE
Normal End: no requirement

Thanks for reading ^o^

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